World of Seeds (landraces)

Prices are for 3 or 7 feminized seeds and 10 regular seeds. Strain info courtesy of WOS.

This is a bank of  cannabis seeds from all over the world, the main characteristic being the obtaining of pure strains autochthones to the geographic zone where cannabis has been cultivated for generations. We have various collections belonging to the five continents and providing the best selections from each zone.

Afghan Kush

  • Description

We bring to you this Indica Kush, a lineage that has produced many champion strains, from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Northern Afghanistan. This particular strain grows wild in the valleys of the Armu Darya River, which forms the border between Tajikistan and Ukbekistan. As different wild Kush varieties grow side-by-side in such a relatively small area, this very stable, almost 100% pure Indica strain is probably the result of multiple interbreeding. A very special hash taste and smell, she’s a very compact and hardy plant. Owing to her potent, relaxing effect, which is not at all cerebral, Afghan Kush is a pure strain with a very high medicinal value.

  • Genetics: Afghanistan
  • Type: 100% indica
  • Flowering time: 45-55 days
  • Harvest Time (outdoors): end September/ early October
  • Yield: 450gr/m2; outdoor 500 gr per plant
  • Taste: Fine Hardwood, Afghan hash
  • Aroma: Afghan hash
  • Effects: Narcotic, typical Indica body stone.
  • THC: 21,6%; high CBD content

Brazil Amazonia

  • Description

A Brazilian strain from the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. Very vigorous and leafy, Brazil Amazonia grows wild in the jungle where indigenous tribes use it in many ways, including to alleviate all kinds of pain, including childbirth. A potent Sativa effect initially that becomes more sedative as time passes. A bittersweet, fruity aroma and taste, she produces enormous, stem-bending buds.  We selected an early flowering strain for this cross, resulting in an end product with some highly desirable properties such as a more compact size and more abundant flowering.

  • Genetics: South Brazil
  • Genotype: 75% sativa - 25% indica; small yet bushy stature
  • Flowering time: 75-90 days
  • Harvest Time (outdoors): end November
  • Yield: 400gr/m2; outdoor 500-600 gr per plant
  • Taste: Fruity
  • Aroma: Sweet, mild; fruity
  • Effect: Slightly sedative yet cerebral; strong.
  • THC: 18,6%; high CBD content

Columbian Gold

  • Description

This Sativa strain is the result of a combination of pure strains from the Santa Marta mountain range in Colombia that is home to the country’s highest peaks. Below 2,500m, where the soil is very fertile, can be found anything from typical Andean woods to dense tropical jungle. Cannabis has been cultivated in this area for many generations and, by trying to improve the plant’s medicinal properties through continual interbreeding, the local inhabitants have achieved some of the most genetically pure strains in existence. Our breeder brought back many seeds from this region and we worked with them to produce this tall, vigorous, branchy strain with an intense, sweet fragrance that stands out above all for her taste and potent, psychedelic effects.

  • Genetics: Santa Maria, Colombia
  • Genotype: Sativa; tall and branchy
  • Flowering time: 60-70 days
  • Harvest Time (outdoors): end November
  • Yield: 350g indoor / 450-600g outdoor
  • Taste: Sweet and fruity
  • Aroma: Very strong
  • Effect: Potent, typical Sativa cerebral high.
  • THC: 19,3%


  • Description

Originally from Northern Morocco, she’s been acclimatised to European latitudes since the 90s and thrives in barren, rocky soil and arid, dry conditions. Requires little water and nutrients to produce large, resinous buds which give off the unmistakable aroma of the best Moroccan hash. An indica from Ketama, where the majority of cannabis used in the production of kiff or hash is grown, she flowers early, producing excellent resin yields. She was chosen from a huge collection of seeds we brought back from Rif. Highly resistant to plagues and pests, this strain is widely used by Moroccans to produce one of the world’s best hashes.

  • Genetics: Chef Chaouen, Morocco
  • Genotype: 100% Indica, small and compact
  • Flowering time: 55-70 days
  • Harvest Time (outdoors): mid October
  • Yield: 300g indoor / 400-500g outdoor
  • Taste: Fine hardwood and hash
  • Aroma: Strong, hash
  • Effect: Relaxing.
  • THC: 16,2 %, high CBD content


  • Description

An early flowering, pure African Sativa from the Kenyan slopes of Kilimanjaro, this strain is the result of generations of crossbreeding by the native population though she’s since been stabilised to improve some of her properties, such as resin production, while leaving her main qualities and taste intact. The natives call her “the elephant flattener” and use her stimulating and trippy effects in their religious ceremonies and for hunting. One of the best strains for growing outdoors or in greenhouses, she produces solid buds even under adverse conditions, has a pleasant citrussy taste and is very strong. Very branchy structure and a vigorous grower, she may grow taller than 2.5m high, resulting in very good resin yields.

  • Genetics: Kenya
  • Genotype: 100% Sativa, tall and branchy
  • Flowering time: 60-70 days
  • Harvest Time (outdoors): November
  • Yield: 350g indoor / 400-600g outdoor
  • Taste: Fruity citrus
  • Aroma: Lemon
  • Effect: Stimulating, potent
  • THC: 15-20%

Pakistan Valley

  • Description

From the Hindu Kush mountain range (Northern Pakistan). After a selection process lasting several years, we bring you a pure origin Indica ideal for indoor growing. Unmistakable for her robust, well-branched appearance, strong aroma and high potency, this is one of the best indoor strains in the world. Sweet, intoxicating and intense in her effect, her elevated CBD levels makes this the quintessential medicinal strain.

  • Genetics: North Pakistan
  • Type: 100% indica
  • Flowering time: 45-55 days
  • Harvest Time (outdoors): early to mid October
  • Yield: 400gr/m2; outdoor 500-600 gr per plant
  • Taste: Sweet Afghan hash
  • Aroma: Nepalese incense
  • Effect: Potent indica
  • THC: 21%, high CBD content

South African Kwazulu

  • Description

A 100% Sativa strain that grows wild to the north of the Drakensberg ridge, she flowers early, has a sweet taste and a physical and energising effect. Grown by generations of Shaka Zulus, who were one of Africa’s most significant farmer warrior tribes, legend has it that this plant was used in the battle preparations prior to the first British attack in 1879 and that her long-lasting and galvanising properties enabled the outnumbered and outgunned Zulu army to repel the enemy invaders. One of the most resistant strains to pests and mildew, her genetics allow her to be grown indoors and outside even at European latitudes.

  • Genetics: South Africa 
  • Type: 100% sativa
  • Flowering time: 55-65 days
  • Harvest Time (outdoors): mid October
  • Yield: 350gr/m2; outdoor 400-500 gr per plant
  • Taste: Sweet floral
  • Aroma: Slightly spicy
  • Effect: Energising, very long-lasting
  • THC: 15-20%

Wild Thailand

  • Description

A pure strain from the Ko Chang archipelago in Thailand, her THC levels are among the highest in the world. She’s highly prized by Thai growers who smuggle her into Bangkok despite the severity of the country’s penal system. This strain’s value derives from it being the result of continual interbreeding using the best examples of this Thai Ko Chang lineage undertaken over many years by the area’s expert growers; local inhabitants who have been cultivating it for generations. She’s one of Thailand’s most productive strains and has a relatively short flowering cycle for a pure Thai Sativa. Very vigorous, sometimes uncontrollable growth. If grown in a pot, leave plenty of room for the root zone to develop for optimum yields. Like the authentic Thai she is, her taste and smell will bring Asia to your palate while her effect will spirit you away to the indescribable temples of Bangkok.

  • Genetics: Ko Chang (Thailand)
  • Type: 100% sativa
  • Flowering time: 75-90 days
  • Harvest Time (outdoors): end November
  • Yield: 300g indoor / 450-500g outdoor
  • Odour: Strong
  • Taste: Fruity cirus
  • Effect: Euphoric
  • THC: 22.3%